Timeless luxury of Kashmir shawls


Preparation of Pashmina spools

A woman Artisan taking Pashmina hank off the spinner

Pashmina spools

The minispools are made on Indur (Charkha) to be put in the Mok (shuttle) and then begins the weaving. 

Warp process

Two Master weavers rolling the warp to be put on the loom

The completion of a Pashmina shawl

A master weaver unrolling the completed shawl to be cut and sent for finishing

Sozni embroidery on Pashmina shawl

A master embroider  embellishing the shawl with intricate silk embroidery that takes upto 9 months to complete 

About us

Founders of Mir Art Gallery

It all began in 2015

It all began in 2015

It all began in 2015

Mir Art Gallery is the brainchild of  Akeel Hussain Mir, a young Kashmiri entrepreneur, and his wife, Charlotte Kaufmann a French textile designer. 

Akeel has always been very sensitive to the crafts, especially Pashmina weaving which was also the family business since three generations. His great grand father has been the most skilled Pashmina weaver in his locality and would teach other weavers his know-how very often.

Akeel has grown up in this artistic atmosphere and could always learn with his experienced father : Fayaz Hussain Mir.

After completed his graduation in Bachelor's of Commerce in 2015 Akeel decided to take Pashmina weaving to a new level.

On the same year, Charlotte was selected by UNESCO and Fondation Culture et Diversité to learn embroidery and weaving techniques in India. She visited Kashmir to learn Pashmina weaving, thanks to Akeel's friend Maximilliano Modesti who showed her a pathway towards the workshop of Mir. 

Akeel's energy and dedication to promote this exceptionnal craft inspired them to create Mir Art Gallery.

Photo credits : Marion Colombani

Fayaz Hussain Mir

A collective venture

It all began in 2015

It all began in 2015

Mir Art Gallery is a collective venture of Mir family, Master craftsmen and women of Kashmir. 

We are dedicated to promote the extremely refined and luxury crafts of Kashmir. We are working with master weavers and embroiders with the most precious materials : Pashmina and Silk.

Driven by the will to adapt this secular knowledge to nowadays style, our designs mix Kashmiri traditional patterns with innovative and contemporary French style, creating unique and modern pieces.

Akeel takes care of the management and entrepreneurial activities. He is also the key person to interpret the designs and graphs to the craftsmen. 

Charlotte takes care of the designing part and experimentation with Pashmina and other Kashmiri Crafts.

Fayaz (Akeel's Father) being an experienced Artist takes care of the designs of the traditional Mughal embroidery motifs and the overall management of craftsmen.

Charlotte Kaufmann création textile

Textile designer & weaver

To explore the créations of Charlotte Kaufmann, please click below 

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